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22 July 2008 @ 05:03 pm
summer school, freeschool open house, teen night, cookie class  
VFS upcoming events: 

-One more week of summer day camp left. Camp open to kids 4-18. The theme of the last week is Fairy School, July 28 to August 1, the entire week is dedicated to our fairy friends. Fairy wings, fairy stories, fairy houses, and a fairy ball on the last day. The tuition is $125 per week per student. However, many other activities will be happening around campus, including a video game making group.

-open house: Aug 9. Open house will begin with a free cookie making class in the school’s new commercial kitchen. Cookie making is from 9-10, parents encouraged to stay on campus. Supplies provided. Open house runs from 10-1, and cookies will be served.

I wanted to share the following programs and news about VFS:

- An open campus program so students homeschooling/unschooling can attend some programs

- A teen scene: “Minors” is a place for kids 11-19 to gather and hang out in a safe and welcoming environment. There is not much nightlife/gathering space for teens in SE, so a few of the teen students at VFS are starting this group. First hangout is Aug 9, 7pm-1am, and features a “Mock-tale” Party- alcohol free drinks served by a real bartender, music, place to hang out, eat pizza, tell stories. This event is free & sponsored- there may be a small charge for future events, which will hopefully happen monthly if interest is there. Although this is open to a wide age range, most confirmed guests are around 15 years old. There will be (loose) supervision by friends of the school in their early 20’s. Goal is to keep event safe, but not to lay down the law.

- A new huge building located on the campus of St. Peter’s Church at SE 87th and Foster. (We are not affiliated with the church, just leasing the space.) New building includes lots of rooms, a music center, a computer/gaming room, a huge kitchen, a sewing/arts room, a teen lounge, a living room and so on. Come check it out on open house night.

The Village Free School is a small private non-profit school for students ages 4-18. (Four-year-olds must be 5 by December.) The school will admit up to 60 students for the Fall; there are currently about a dozen spots. The school is run democratically together by the students and staff. Tuition plans start at about $300 a month. Learning is child led; all students participate in the classes they choose, and there are no mandatory lessons. Age mixing is encouraged, and the following activities are just a few of those facilitated by advisors: student-led classes, adventures outside of campus (accompanied by staff or with parental permission), volunteer work/internships, cooking, theater, literature, science, reading, math, computer game building, history of war, drumming and electric guitar, role playing games (mostly D&D), light saber fighting, sewing and lots of other arts, deep philosophical discussions. This is not a school geared to children with any particular label; kids come from backgrounds in TAG programs, with IEP plans, having always been homeschooled or unschooled, and lots of stuff in between. Families are encouraged to participate in the education of their children- we see learning as something that happens constantly through living and breathing, not just an activity that happens at school.

Get more info at www.villagefreeschool.org

And add us as a friend at http://www.myspace.com/villagefreeschool